What is Todomojo?

tdmj-aboutBorn and raised on the Texas-Louisiana gulf coast and a true Southern Rootworker, my Cajun/Louisiana ancestral gumbo is fully reflected in my conjure and is representative of the blend of cultures found there.


I am a conjurer, spiritual coach, energy worker, healer, intuitive, and card & bone reader.  I also serve as a spiritual bridge between realms.  My gifts are ancestral and passed down to me from my Cajun and Lebanese grandmothers.


I’m a practical gal and a creative whirlwind who listens and lives in spirit. From there I am guided in my work.  I love to activate and connect people to what they are seeking and the direction they are taking.  I am rooted in positivity and believe that one should humbly approach life’s situations with generosity and gratitude.  I believe magic and rootwork, when balanced with the mundane, can create momentum and movement.


In my business I am honored to work with individuals from around the world.  Blessed with a knack for creativity, my specialties include petition and altar work, as well as fashioning a beautiful line of conjure art pieces that I design for various types of rootwork.

When I first met Sindy I was astonished at her generous spirit. She always seemed to know if someone was down or needed help and knew what to do to help them. When we started our work together I quickly saw how she was able to move healing energies through her body and get in touch with higher wisdom. Our spiritual mentorship took the fast track and moved quickly onto reading more specific energies to help people release whatever is holding them back. I watched as Sindy’s healing ability started working miracles in people, helping them let go of negativity and embrace a higher path. Her natural healing talent coupled with her ability to tap into the higher wisdom of the saints and angels make for a very powerful transformative experience for all to benefit from. I know I have!”

Hope Van Vleet – Colorado

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