Railroad Spikes


Vintage jewelry, old beaded appliqués, a variety of beads, embellishments, charms, broken pieces of silver, gold, copper, pewter and timepieces all gathered from miles of lifetimes and memories of loved ones, devoted clients and dear friends create these amazing railroad spikes. Each spike has traveled thousands of miles and ends up as one of these honorable and beautiful works of art.

  • “Hail Mary of Success” – For overcoming obstacles in the way of reaching the goal line. (Soaring Success)
  • “Day of the Dead Tribute” – To honor All Souls Day (Ancestor or Clear Intuition)
  • “Self Love Luxury” – For embodying the luxury of self-love (Spread the Love)
  • “Spirit of the Ocean” – For keeping all good things in flow. (Bountiful Cornucopia or Clear Intuition)
  • “Old Vintage Passion” – Deep, genuine love enhancement (Voodoo Nights)
  • “Bold and Beautiful Protection” – Strong, serious, beautiful warrior of protection (Heal & Protect or Command Respect)




We celebrate our successes and accomplishments that bring us beauty and bounty. To bring about a positive outcome and balance in our lives, we must be strong, protected and resilient! Energy from the elements is grounded to the earth with old iron to help keep us on path and headed in the right direction.  That is the purpose of these beautiful tools.  They are the centerpieces on any altar for any condition. The “work” is guided from Spirit and prayed into each spike. An easy ritual is to place petition papers under the spike. Cross your name with what you desire, dab each corner and the center of your petitions with attunement oils and say your prayer or intention sincerely at the same time.

Auntie Sindy uses amazing transformational conditioning oils in her work and on herself. Her spirit brother David Rojas has created recettes extraordinaires!

Each railroad spike is custom made by consultation. Photos of spikes are examples – yours will be uniquely made for your situation.


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