Todomojo & Terese Nielsen Amulets


Beginning with an incredible selection of images from her spirit sister Terese Nielsen (see all her art at, Auntie Sindy mounts the art on wood pieces from her own front porch (sustainable Brazilian redwood) for the best of luck.  She then adds Star Anise for protection and vision, gold or Silver lucky mojo beans (fava beans) blessed from traditional St. Joseph altars, and Palo Santo wood at the four directions to cleanse and bring in positive energy. Each amulet supports various themes inspired by the art: prosperity, healing, cleansing, love, success, respect, intuition and a load of magical power!



Hanging an amulet over a doorway or on a specific wall and direction in the home is how these small but loaded pieces do their work. On or above an altar is another placement option. You can put a picture on the back and a tiny piece of hair or clothing to help ground the work to you.

Auntie Sindy always uses amazing metamorphosis oils when creating her conjure pieces. Each amulet has oil selected to enhance the work. Her spirit brother David Rojas has created formulas extraordinaire! You are invited to view and purchase these oils and other products here: