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“Thank you for assisting me the way you did,to allow a floodgate of all good, positive people and opportunities. The the cut & clear was fantastic! “U.R.D. BEST
“Sindy is honest, sincere and has a beautiful positive charisma. I not only enjoyed her readings but also felt very comfortable with her. She is open minded and non judgmental. And she is so funny! Such a delight and honor to have worked with her! xoxo” C.C., California
“Sindy Todo is a wonderful, genuine, and gifted spiritual worker.  We had a connection right away, and one of the reasons I like her so much is because she takes the time to get to know her clients. Sindy is honest and knows how to present the truth in a straightforward, yet gentle manner.  Sindy is also a great teacher because not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she’s also very grounded and has common sense- something incredibly important when you are looking for a spiritual worker.  I’m not only very happy to have had the pleasure of working with her, but I’m also very grateful to have her as my friend.  Currently, we’re working on a project together to help me with my career and finances.  Instead of just giving me a price and a ticket number, Sindy and I have discussed the issue, analyzing how to tackle my goal from different angles to bring me success.  Sindy understands everyone has their own unique circumstances, and she customizes her work to suit your needs.  I know that sometimes it’s difficult to find a great spiritual worker, and there can be some trepidation in hiring someone you haven’t had the chance to meet face to face; believe me, Sindy is a true professional. J. - Reston, VA
“Sindy is amazing. She comes from a place of authentic self that is so powerful. While her work is serious and no-nonsense her no BS delivery is a hoot! Working with her is a fun, uplifting experience.”J.G.B., Seattle
“Working with Sindy has been such a wonderful and empowering experience! She radiates warmth and positivity and by the time you’re through speaking to her you feel energetic and uplifted. Sindy has a great empathetic way of helping you verbalise and understand your emotions, and what’s amazing is that you feel very involved in any work you do together and it feels like a “joint project.” She is very talented, honest, and kind, and has helped me set goals for my life and make them a reality.”Washington, DC
“Sindy Todo is truly a miracle worker – and I say this from my experience with her. I was literally on the brink of my business failing and within one week (actually a matter of days) things began to turn around and we have experienced continued blessings, financial and otherwise. Do what she suggests and if you’ve got a good heart you will soon see miracles on a level you cannot believe. At least this is what happened with me.”SK. - California
“I have had the opportunity to work with Sindy and found the experience to be rewarding, uplifting, and totally enjoyable. Sindy is the “real deal” and I would encourage anyone who is interested in changing your situations for the better to contact her!”B.M. – Seattle WA
“Hello Everyone! Sindy Todo has worked her special magic twice for me. Sindy made a special mojo bag for me when I developed a fear of flying. The fear manifested itself for whatever reason, after 100’s of flights. The bag mysteriously calmed my mind and today I fly fear free and keep the bag close. In my second scenario, I asked Sindy to design a mojo bag, as I was playing in a Texas Hold Em tournament. I thought, what the heck, it worked for flying maybe poker. I won the tournament! Trust me; let Sindy work her magic for you!”Crow, Seattle WA
“Of all the Rootworkers I have come in contact with Sindy Todo is by far the best to work with. She is a very gifted, caring, and loving person she loves what she does and cares about her clients and it shows in her work. Sindy will not only put her heart into your work resulting in the client getting exactly what it is they are requesting she will also instruct the client on things that they themselves can do to acquire what they are seeking unlike a lot of rootworkers who will not divulge any information that does not have a price tag on it. I am very grateful that my spirits guides led me to Sindy she has been very instrumental in my spiritual growth she openly and honestly answers any questions and if she does not have the answer she will find it for you. She is wonderful to work with. I am truly thankful for all the work she has done on my behalf along with all the tutoring and inspiration she has given to me. She’s my SHERO!”L.S - Ohio
“I am so thankful that I had the pleasure of meeting Sindy. Her readings are dead on and what really makes her such a special person and professional is she’s very honest. She’ll NEVER tell you what you want to hear; she’ll never mislead or misguide you. 

Today, you have to be very cautious of who you choose as your psychic/ rootworker. Everyone is out to make a quick buck. What I also really admire about Sindy is that she’ll honestly tell you whether or not you’re in need of “work”. It’s wonderful having someone like her on your side.”A.D, Florida
“Sindy has been my business manager for seven years and my “tante” or spiritual fairy godmother, as well. I hired her for the former, but I love the way, when she gives me financial reports, she also gives me a reading that helps me put the numbers into a spiritual and energetic perspective. I learn and grow as a businessperson and a soul every time we meet. I feel Sindy’s heart, her wisdom, and her deep connection in everything she does. Her enthusiasm for helping people access their own connection to the divine is incredible. So many of my consulting clients – many of them very “mainstream” people – now look to Sindy for her guidance and inspiration. I love having TodoMojo as the ace up all our sleeves!”MLC, Seattle WA
“Sindy is one of the best Rootworkers by far! I have seen many spiritual workers but she is above all the best in all that she does. Sindy is not only gifted in her work but she is kind, compassionate, caring and loving, she goes that extra yard for you with devotion, patience and lots of love. There really is no words to explain Sindy you just have to try her Rootwork and all the blessings that you will receive from it and watch it work for yourself.”RC Scottsdale, AZ
“Sindy’s work with me has been amazing. Ever since I’ve begun my work with Sindy and following her guidance, I’ve been able to bring my dreams into reality. It’s been a very empowering and inspiring experience overall that I continue to learn and grow from.”MBC , San Francisco, CA
“When I was feeling a bit lost and needed some guidance, my sister referred me to Sindy. I called Sindy and was soothed by her voice right away. She asked me about my life and what was going on and really got down to the nitty gritty…no BS. She understood me and really knew what was going on with me deep down and gave me the tools to work through it. Sometimes you come upon certain situations, signs or people who are gifts and teach you lessons. Sindy is an angel with a huge heart. She can see souls and does not judge. She also has a great sense of humor which adds lightness to any heavy situation andThe Author

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