How I Serve

Sindy Todo has worked her special magic twice for me. Sindy made a special mojo bag for me when I developed a fear of flying. The fear manifested itself for whatever reason, after 100’s of flights. The bag mysteriously calmed my mind and today I fly fear free and keep the bag close. In my second scenario, I asked Sindy to design a mojo bag, as I was playing in a Texas Hold Em tournament. I thought, what the heck, it worked for flying maybe poker. I won the tournament! Trust me; let Sindy work her magic for you!”

Crow, Seattle WA

Spiritual Consultations and
Intuitively Guided Readings

The benefit of having a reading and consultation is to identify the root issues that need to be addressed, to offer healing, and to enable connection to your spirit or energy in order to give guidance and vision. Here we recomend additional rootwork or advise the inquirer on products to purchase so that they may do their own work. I will always require a reading before I will commit to any rootwork services.

Rootwork Services

Getting to the root of an issue and designing the right work for the job is what these services provide. A cleansing, candle ritual, jar spell or mojo hand might be recommended and I pride myself in being in service to my clients. Here’s one of many success stories!

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