St. Joseph’s Day

The Feast Day of St. Joseph is March 19th. I feel the love and presence of my dear patron Saint and guide that always listens to the prayers of those who ask.

You are invited to send or email me your petitions, photos, offerings, or most sincere intentions, which will be dressed, blessed, placed on the altar and prayed on for the next year. This is a free service and St. Joseph only requests that we help to feed those less fortunate.

On Saint Joseph’s day, a tiered altar is built and traditional foods, sweets, and breads are prepared. The table is arranged so that we may honor our ancestors and those who have served our country. A side altar is dedicated with images of those who have passed and offerings are provided.

Contributions of ANY denomination to the altar for St. Joseph’s Feast are gratefully accepted via the donate button at the bottom of the form.

Should you wish to donate here (this is not required to send your petition), we are offering an opportunity to contribute a tax-deductible donation to help provide food for those in need, through our West Seattle Food Bank.

You may also choose to support our four legged creatures by donating to a local equine assisted rescue organization, Rancho Laguna Heart, a current home for rescued horses, donkeys, goats, dogs, cats and countless poultry.

Please know that you may send a petition from now until the end of March for it to be placed on the altar where it will remain for one year.

Mailing address is: Sindy Todo – Todomojo – 6523 California Ave SW #190, Seattle WA 98136

Always In Gratitude, always in service,
Auntie Sindy Todo

“Every food on the altar has some traditional significance, from the obvious to obscure. Cookies, fruit, and wine fill all the spaces of the altar making sure that every area is covered.”

“Saint Joseph is the champion of social justice, and the guardian of happy death. He holds the exalted position as the patron of the universal church.”

“Saint Joseph belongs to the working class. He won for himself the title ‘The Just.’ His life serves as a model of the justice that should reign in today’s social life.”

From St. Joseph Altars by Kerri McCaffety